September 9–19, 2021

Cancelled | Giustino (HWV 37)

Opera by a thread

In Handel’s opera Giustino, the title hero is a simple peasant who goes through a series of exciting adventures and slays a dangerous monster. In recognition of this valiant deed, he is ultimately crowned emperor and weds the sister of his predecessor.
Picking up on the long Göttingen tradition of puppet theatre, a Handel opera with a cast of marionettes is to be staged for the first time. The world-famous marionette group Carlo Colla e Figli from Milan has been entertaining audiences for the past 200 years. They will be joined by the lautten compagney Berlin in lending Handel’s enchanting music a fleet-footed charm. In combination with the imaginative set design, this production will be a very special experience for young and old alike. (Recommended for aged 12+)

Coach transfer from the Deutsches Theater Göttingen
Departure 3.30 pm
The coach back to Göttingen departs approx. 20 min. after the concert ends.

Lawrence Zazzo Countertenor – Giustino
Myrsini Margariti  Soprano – Anastasio, La Fortuna
Hanna Herfurtner Soprano – Arianna
Julia Böhme  Alto – Leocasta
Andreas Post  Tenor – Vitaliano
Florian Götz Baritone – Amanzio, Polidarte, Voce di Dentro

Compagnia Marionettistica Carlo Colla e Figli, Milano

lautten compagney BERLIN
Wolfgang Katschner Musical director

Eugenio Monti Colla Staging
Franco Citterio Lighting
Tiziano Marcolegio Technical director

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