September 9–19, 2021

Deutsches Theater Göttingen

The ‘Große Haus’, which has stalls and three circles seating an audience of 496 all told, is one of Göttingen’s architectural jewels. Decorated in neo-Renaissance style, the auditorium’s ambience reflects above all the period of the theatre’s origin, the beginning of the 19th century. The classical proscenium stage is equipped with modern stage and lighting technology, allowing theatrical works both old and new to be staged in sophisticated productions meeting the artistic demands of our time. Some 20 new productions are performed by the resident theatre ensemble each season and brought into the repertoire; of these, eleven are staged in the Großes Haus. In addition, revivals, guest performances, concerts, readings and special events complement the theatre schedule.

Theaterplatz 11, 37073 Göttingen


Public transport

Bus route 80 Bus stop ‘Theaterplatz’

Bus routes 50, 71, 72 Bus stop ‘Albaniplatz’


Parking availability

Car park Albaniplatz: Open all day, 4 minutes’ walk

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