September 9–19, 2021

Basilika St. Cyriakus


The Provost Church of St. Cyriakus, one of the finest and oldest churches in the Eichsfeld, is closely linked with the town history of Duderstadt. This becomes apparent from, amongst other things, the varying stylistic epochs that characterise the church. The church was declared a basilica in 2015, making it Germany’s ‘youngest’ basilica at present. Thanks to the renovation measures carried out in 2016, the church now stands in its full glory. The numerous works of art and the building’s centrepiece, the Baroque organ dating from 1734, render this a very special concert venue.

Bei der Oberkirche 2, 37115 Duderstadt

Public transport

Bus routes 150, 161, 162, 163 Bus stop ‘Obertor’

Parking availability

Parking places are available in the town centre and at the Jugendgästehaus Duderstadt, 10-15 minutes’ walk from the church.

Photo top: Interior view by Stefan Burchard.
Exterior view by Dr. Volker Breit.
Photo overview: Creutzburg-Organ by Stefan Burchard.

The venue is barrier-free. For further information on Festival venue accessibility, please see the overview.

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