September 9–19, 2021

St. Blasius-Kirche

Hann. Münden

St. Blasius is a three-aisle Gothic-style hall church. Completed in 1584 in its present form, St. Blasius was built on the site of a former Roman basilica, remains of which are still visible today within the church. In the 16th century, several frescoes adorned the interior, just one of which has survived. In the course of renovation work a new spatial structure was created: the central aisle was removed and the fixed church pews were replaced by movable seating.

Ziegelstraße 16, 34346 Hann. Münden


Public transport

Bus routes in Hann. Münden: 103, 104 Bus stop ‘Markt’


Parking availability

Car parks Tanzwerder and Schlossplatz, 5-10 minutes’ walk

Photo top and overview by Ralf König. The venue photos were taken as part of a project supported by the European Union.

The access to the concert venue is barrier-free. For further information on Festival venue accessibility, please see the overview.

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