May 12–22, 2022

Ticket Refund

postponement due to the Covid 19 pandemic

In March, the shareholders and the Supervisory Board of the Internationale Händel-Festspiele Göttingen GmbH decided to postpone the Festival to mark its 100th anniversary. They will therefore not take place in May 2020 as planned.

Ticket purchasers can of course return tickets they have already purchased and will be reimbursed for the ticket price.

However, the Managing Director Tobias Wolff makes an urgent appeal to all ticket buyers:

„For all artists, the coronavirus not only poses a high health risk but an immediate and real existential threat. All over the world, artists are facing enormous losses of income due to the many cancelled events and are in danger of sliding into poverty within a few weeks through no fault of their own. Naturally, the Handel Festival would reimburse all entrance fees to our audience. However, not only in view of the existential threat to the artists, we appeal to you, dear audience: Please check whether you can do without a refund of the tickets you have already paid for! We would be happy to issue you with a donation receipt. We will use the funds thus gained to support the artists concerned.

You can watch the complete statement in the video.

You are welcome to send us your refund request (full refund, partial or full donation) via our online form or by letter, fax or email using the pdf form provided for this purpose.

If you purchased your tickets at an advance booking office other than the Festival’s webshop, the Festival Office or Deutsches Theater Göttingen, you will find information on this page about your donation and reimbursement options.

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