Burg Hardeg, Hardegsen

Burg Hardeg, HardegsenBurgstraße 2, 37181 Hardegsen
Accessibility information:
The venue is not barrier-free. There are a few parking spots at the Muthaus as well as in the Straße Gießeturm 1-3, approx. 5 minutes’ walk.

From its majestic position on higher ground, the Burg Hardeg seems to look down into the valley with time-honoured dignity. The castle was built in the 12th century and served the Duke of the Welfs as a seat of government. It is open to visitors and the ideal point of departure for fascinating walks.

The rustic historical ambience makes this a highly popular venue and hence the ‘Muthaus’, which forms part of the complex of buildings, has featured in the programme of the International Handel Festival almost continuously since 2006.

Public transport
Bus routes 212, 220, 221, 222 Bus stop ‘Hardegsen Lange Straße’ or ‘Hardegsen Rathaus’


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