May 20–June 1, 2020

Handel Talk: Samir Savant, London Handel Festival

22  May 2020

Tobias Wolff talking to the
Director of the London Handel Festival

The London Handel Festival ran for just over ten days when it became clear that it could not continue due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Samir Savant, Director of the London Festival, talks to Tobias Wolff about his experiences, life in the lockdown and how things are going for the Festival. The two also talk about personal matters - and of course about George Frideric Handel.

The three German Handel Festivals are friendly connected with each other and there is also a lively exchange with the London Handel Festival - not least through the Artistic Director Laurence Cummings. Those who win the London Handel Singing Comeptition are often guests in Karlsruhe or Göttingen, for example, shortly afterwards.

All videos of the Digital Festival can be found on »Facebook, on our »YouTube channel and collected in the Overview.

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