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Eight partners have joined forces to form a strong network backed by 38 other international organizations. Since 2014, the European cooperation project ‘eeemerging’ has been supporting the top up-and-coming ensembles in the field of early music In 2019, three more partners from Poland, the Czech Republic and Spain joined the network. The scholarship programme that lasts up to three years aims to prepare the young musicians for the European music market.

In Göttingen, the ensembles are among the performers at the Festival and will attend several workshops during residencies at the Ursulinenkloster Duderstadt.

eeemerging-Ensembles in the Festival

Founded in 2014, the Ensemble Concerto di Margherita is in its third year of promotion within the scholarship programme. The five young musicians presented a Late Evening Concert at St. Albani church.
eeemerging: Concerto di Margherita, May 25, 2019, 10.15 pm, St. Albani-Kirche, Göttingen

The göttingen händel competition on May 20 and 21 and the Prizewinners’ Concert also form part of the ‛eeemerging’ programme.