In the French town of Ambronay in 2014, eight European partners joined forces to form a strong network: eeemerging (Emerging European Ensembles). Their aim was to promote young European ensembles working in the area of early music and to prepare them for the European music market.

Only the finest ensembles have a chance of a place on the award programme, which can run for up to three years. In the course of the programme, the young musicians profit from the experience and contacts of the network, which is supported by a total of 37 further partners.

In Göttingen, the ensembles have opportunities to perform in the framework of the Festival or are able to benefit from residencies at the Ursulinen convent, where they participate in numerous workshops.

Looking back: eeemerging ensembles at the Festival

Castello Consort came into the ‛eeemerging’ programme this year. Their first year takes them to Pavia and York.
eeemerging: Castello Consort, May 20, 3 pm, St. Christophorus-Kirche Reinhausen

Continuum is likewise one of the chosen ensembles of 2017, with residencies in Ambronay and Slovenia.
May 25, 10.15 pm, St. Paulus-Kirche

The göttingen händel competition on May 12 and 13 and the Prizewinners’ Concert also form part of the ‛eeemerging’ programme.

Looking back: Residencies 2016

May 5 - 16, 2016

Seconda Prat!ca
August 12 - 21, 2016

I Discordanti
November 28 - Dezember 8, 2016