Beyond Doubt: Lotario

The 2017 Festival youth opera

The struggle of good against evil – an opera as a myth about a superhero! Young people of different cultural origins engaged with the music and plot of Handel’s opera Lotario. Many of the themes from that time are hugely topical today. By transporting the material into their own world, the young people sought answers to burning questions: How do conflicts arise? What do I just believe and what am I really convinced about? In play, dance and song they tracked down their truth.

The result is the new youth opera Beyond Doubt: Lotario, which the Göttingen International Handel Festival presented: in cooperation with the ‘boat people projekt’. The venture, which targets young people from 14 years of age, brought them more closely in touch with classical music and drew the diverse groups together.


Directing Team & Performers

Nina de la Chevallerie
Artistic director, stage director

Hans Kaul
Musical director

Johanna Ziemer
Texts, dramaturgy

Reimar de la Chevallerie

Sonja Elena Schroeder
Scenery and costumes

Birgit Götz

Birte Müchler
Production assistant

Sonja Catalano
Musical outreach and education

IGS Bovenden

Hainberg-Gymnasium Göttingen

Interkulturelles Orchester der musa e.V.