‘Kultur macht stark’ workshops

What would you fight for? What values mean a lot to you and how far would you go to defend them? Faith and doubt, in respect to both religion and society, were of central importance in the ‘Kultur macht stark’ workshops. In spite of their varying origins, it was all about participants finding out what they had in common, and accepting their differences.

Kultur macht stark – Bündnis für Bildung

Bündnispartner: Internationale Händel-Festspiele Göttingen GmbH, musa e.V., IGS Bovenden, Hainberg Gymnasium

Directing the workshops

Nina de la Chevallerie
Hans Kaul
Johanna Ziemer
Reimar de la Chevallerie
Sonja Elena Schroeder
Birgit Götz
Birte Müchler
Sonja Catalano